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Be Wary Of 3rd Party Payment Sites

These days there are countless ways to pay for goods and services. A new trend that has emerged is third party bill payment services. Some of these services even masquerade as being affiliated with Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative when they are not. While some bill paying services are legitimate, members that use these should be cautious to pick reputable companies. Often, these third party sites charge additional service fees, and do not always make the payment the same day you pay them, which could result in your bill payment being late and your power being disconnected. Some of these sites/companies include but are not limited to:,, and 


Recently, a member had an interaction with a company called “Doxo”.  Doxo is an online site that allows customers to make payments to many companies including utilities.  Doxo has even put our logo on their site.  Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative is not affiliated with Doxo or any third party bill paying service. 


Please note that charges fees per transactions and it is not integrated with our bill pay system, therefore, your payments are not immediately posted to your accounts and can take two days or more.


Make sure to go to directly to make your payment.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Member Services Department at 973/875-5101.

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